Boom Panes Boom Boom Panes Panes hahahahaha Punyetang kanta yan bakit hindi alisin

Have you seen the way he looks at her? I have never seen him look at another person like this before. It’s almost as if in the day the Sun reflects off his eyes and into hers, before nightfall, the sunset sinks beside their hearts. You have to see what happens at midnight, the Moon looms right behind them. I have never seen that before. It’s funny because, he always used to say to me, wait, it doesn’t come often; magic, but when it does you will know that’s what you have been looking for this entire time.
— Michael Daaboul

Bago daw

Boy: Miss, regla ka ba?

Girl: bakit?

Boy: Boom Tagos!

You’ll get hurt a lot of times, but you need to get hurt.

Yes, it’s a necessary part.

Things I like